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Jun 19, 2005

Wake County Speedway


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Can someone tell me why it took me 37 years to get my southern ass to a racetrack? 

Neighbor Keith and I went to the Wake County Speedway on Friday night, and here’s the top ten list of things I want you to know, just in case you want to join us for next time:

  1. Juicy hamburger with onions and chili: $2. (Rolaids: $1. BC powder: 50 cents.)
  2. And you can bring your own goddamned beer!
  3. But don’t say “g**amned” at the quarter-mile track – it’s a Christian place and family-friendly.
  4. In the opening Classics race, #11 Duane Ealey went airborne in the final turn of lap one. Nobody got hurt, so it was really cool.
  5. Admission: $12, with another $8 for the pit pass worth every penny.  You get to walk across the racetrack.
  6. Wanna race? Modified 4-Cylinder driver Todd Langdon and his #78 pit crew told us that a season’s worth of races costs about $16k for the car, $5k on equipment replacement and entry fees, and a ton of volunteer hours from all your race-crazy friends.
  7. Keith and I are this close from becoming Todd’s race-crazy friends.
  8. We were even closer to getting to ride in the pace car, just eight positions back from the winning ticket. Damn. (I mean, “dang”).
  9. In the Super Late Model race, Dan Matthews drove his #16 "God Forgive America" car past a fading Big Jim Kelley in the #7 with about 8 laps to go. I’m Dan’s newest fan. In fact, I’m going to check on his prices to get a sponsorship painted onto his vehicle (“Marsosudiro & Co – marketing, management, motorsports”)
  10. A rookie woman driver took second place in one of the races.  I think her name was Maureen or Marianne or something like that.  Or maybe it was Danica?  Whatever your gender: drive fast, turn left.

Wake County Speedway -- more fun than a barrel full of torque wrenches.

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I've never been to the Wake County Speedway but a few years ago I was really into the Orange County Speedway. Just don't forget the earplugs!

Posted by: Sarah | Jun 20, 2005 8:03:51 AM

I often feel like a dope for never visiting the OCS. Scuttlebutt among drivers at WCS is that there's just too much repair work (plumbing/sewage) to make an OCS reopening doable soon. Alas.

By the by, we did forget the earplugs on Friday, but the noise wasn't nearly as bad as I worried it would be. (Granted, we were at the top of the largest grandstand.) Next time I hope to watch some of the races from the pit area, and I'm sure I'll need the plugs. (I didn't see any for sale at the WCS vendors, which surprised me.)

Posted by: Phil | Jun 20, 2005 12:58:14 PM