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Jun 06, 2005

Ken, Erika, and the Return of Dave

After far too long, I am finally introducing you to The Real Kato, and Crouching Hamster -- the former whom I met via the latter.

First, part of a recent entry from The Real Kato (who, by the way, was kind enough to buy adspace on Suburban Bliss just to support the cause)

This wasn't a "date".

We were very clear on that point...So here's the story of my non-date with GunGirl...  She seemed a little nervous at the start, keenly interested if she was making a bad impression on me. (She wasn't.)... She was cute, too, especially the couple of times she flipped her hair with her left hand. By the way, hair-flipping is the number one subconscious flirting signal for girls. You probably knew that. But remember, this wasn't a date....

And from the incisive Crouching Hamster, formerly of Raleigh, now of New York:

Fight Club

Guys, I don't care HOW much you loved this movie. How much it spoke to you and your sad dull corporate existence. Yes, I know you think the deep twisting narrative rivals that of "The Terminator." I know you think the cinematography was edgier than an episode of "Homicide." And now that you've HEARD the Pixies, you LOVE Frank Black. And you're cool. I get it.

But please, don't bring this out on a second date.

Have you ever had to watch "The Color Purple," starring Oprah, on a second date? On any date?

I didn't think so.

Just keep it on the shelf between The Shawshank Redemption and Reservoir Dogs.

And, lastly but way the hell not leastly -- Fistful of Plooble has returned to active status.  Please do not freak out.  Just read, and encourage longevity via the comments, eh?

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Hey Phil, thanks for the mention. :) I still use the line "I'm a Friend of Phil" to pick up women.

Posted by: Ken | Jun 7, 2005 2:02:09 AM

Ken graciously neglects to add the complete version of his pickup line: "I'm a Friend of Phil... but I'm nothing like him." :-)

Posted by: Phil | Jun 26, 2005 2:01:16 AM