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Jan 26, 2005

Judy and Anna Jump on the Blogwagon

Chicas_1How time passes. 

In the ~12 years since I snapped this photo, these three women have become award-winning professionals in their various fields. 

Anna (bored, at top), is an decorated and accomplished newspaper writer; Judy (administering wrestlemania chokehold) has won awards for her photography and graphic design; and Mandy (apparently enjoying the chokehold), is an oft-recognized humanitarian and MD.

But of course, it wouldn't have been a stretch to have made those predictions.  Nor would it have been a stretch to predict that Anna and Judy would end up married with a very cute boy, and that Mandy would have a baby girl who would look just like mommy.

What we never would have predicted wasthat this photo would end up on my weblog (whose "Archer Pelican" name was created by Judy back in '96), and that this weblog would be introducing Judy and Anna's new blog "She said / She said -- the innocuous adventures of two girls and a boy.".

Go visit, 'kay?  Or if you need a free sample, here is one of their first posts -- about getting civilized as woman and woman:

"Public displays of Portland

I'm not even going to begin to get into this notion that the kiss outside City Hall was our first public display of affection. We're married, for golly's sake, whether Multnomah County acknowledges it or not. I have witnesses. Many, many witnesses.

That said . . . Yes, something feels different. Not because of the domestic partnership. That is a bone, a big, fat, meaningless, marrow-free bone that symbolizes nothing. Except health insurance for you and, eventually, The Boy. (Thank you, pinko liberal Major Media Company.) But this place is bringing something out in me, and I don't think it's just the fact that we're living in a community that is as close to San Francisco as we can afford. Maybe it's leaving our North Carolina nest, maybe it's moving a continent away from our family, maybe it's owning a house or being a parent or finally having no credit card debt or seeing middle-age creeping up, but I'm feeling braver these days. I don't really care if the homeless man on the bus looks askance as we celebrate our silly little certificate. I don't even care if my sources see me catching a smootch on my way back to work.

Besides, I've always felt fairly normal. Stereotypical, if you get right down to it. Two women, two Subarus, two dogs, one baby boy. What's unusual about that? -AnnaRay"

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Holy crap! Where on earth did you find that picture? I've seen your house, Philindo, and I know it couldn't have been easy. I'm sure I'm not the first 30+ year-old to say this, but we sure did have a lot more hair back then. Thanks for the plug! -Judy

Posted by: | Jan 26, 2005 5:46:08 PM

We did have a lot more hair. Apparently, I had Sebastian Bach's. Love you, Phil!

Posted by: Annaray | Jan 26, 2005 7:24:04 PM

Me love you ladies, too. And indeed, where *did* all the hair go?

Posted by: Phil | Jan 26, 2005 11:45:50 PM