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Dec 23, 2004

Self Taught Girl at Peace

It is a fine thing -- to receive, out of the blue, a helpful and friendly note from someone whose online journal you've long admired.  This week, I heard from Kate of SelfTaughtGirl.com.  By email, she explained to me how to make a "©" in .html.  It's very nice.

So it's high time I introduce you to the world of Kate, whose online journal is a well-written story that draws in many admirers, and perhaps even better, an online world of people who cheer for her every day.  It's a good, long-lived journal with regular posts.  No comment function, but you can write to her if you like.  Here's a quote from her About page:      

About Self Taught Girl:

I love reading people's "about" pages, and feel disappointed when people only write one or two things and then say something like "that's all". It's a studied sort of coolness that I don't have, I guess. Natalie Goldberg (my muse) says that people write out of loneliness and a need to communicate something about themselves or the world around them. Because this is exactly why I write, and because I believe that that's why 99% of the rest of the world writes, I don't understand people who fall short of explaining themselves. That and I'm incredibly nosey and interested in other people's lives, a habit I will probably never manage to break.

Visit her here:  SelfTaughtGirl.com 

I can't figure out any permalinks, but try September 6, 2004 for a good entry about being, and September 24, 2004 about the pursuit of both health and health insurance.

Oh, and it goes without saying that I can't mention SelfTaughtGirl without sending props to my chica, Gina N., from whose Realm of the Lintqueen blog I discovered numerous fine peeps, including Kate.  And did I happen to mention that Gina knows many things?  And some things very well?  She is both fox and hedgehog.

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And no props for the peep from whom you found the Kate? (Can I use "props", "peep" and "for whom" in the same sentence?)

:) Dinner soon?

Posted by: Gina Norman | Jan 7, 2005 4:55:15 PM