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Nov 27, 2004

Happiness is a Warm Rice Sock

RicesockSure, Charles Schultz sold a lot more books by putting "Happiness is a Warm Puppy" on the cover of his list of happies, but I'm telling you that "Happiness is a Warm Rice Sock" is what he should have called it.

This week I've been sick, with the stiff and cramped shoulders and back that always add insult to the injury of sinusitis and bronchitis.  But my doctor tipped me off about the ever-since-there-were-microwaves solution of a tube sock filled with uncooked white rice.

Oh man, it's awesome.

Just pour a couple of pounds uncooked white rice into a tube sock, tie off the end, nuke it for ~3 minutes, and


Add to the joy: it stays warm for 30+ minutes, it's apparently reusable a bajillion times (the first few uses give more "moist" heat, then it's just dry, so I'm told), and you can smush it around to fit whatever part of you needs warming.  Life is greatly improving.

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I've seen things like that for sale, but didn't know you could make one out of a sock and rice. Wow! Glad it's making you feel better!

Posted by: Sarah | Nov 28, 2004 9:26:01 AM

You can use just about any grain (except for corn!), which I get from the bulk store.

I prefer to use moong beans. They weigh a little lighter and don't smell as bad.

Too, I put a 2nd sock over the 1st one as a cover (you get sweaty with all that heat), so it can be removed to wash it.

For headache, I lay one over my eyes and wrap the other other around the back of my neck.

My mom gets a lot of pain in her lower back, so she just tucks it in the back of her pants with the elastic waistband.

Posted by: Malhori | Jan 8, 2008 12:54:13 AM