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Apr 02, 2004

Pennies for Change – World's Greatest Thrift Store (and More) | Durham


Pennies for Change in Durham is the greatest thrift store ever.  Reason No. 1, they’ve got great stuff: cool clothes (vintage, current, and $1 clearance!), interesting china, stylish jewelry, and all sorts of funky curios, giftablesand treats for yourself or your friends.  Reason No. 2: all proceeds go to the Durham Crisis Response Center  (formerly Durham Rape Crisis) which helps reduce and prevent the harm of sexual assault and domestic violence.  Reason No. 3: the people who work there are lots of fun, and it’s a fine place to shop, volunteer, or just hang out after you’ve dropped off some donations.  Reason No. 4: they’re across the street from the Tuba Exchange.  (Alas, no longer across the parking lot from the Blue Nile Ethiopian restaurant which is now closed.)

Hey, and did I mention the kid shoes, the kid games, and the duck?

SHOPPERS, DONATIONS AND VOLUNTEERS are high on the list of things that they’re looking for.  I hope you’ll join me in supporting Pennies for Change, the place to be this Spring.  Nota bene: TUESDAYS are half-price days for nearly all clothing items, and the last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday of every month are half-price days for nearly all non-clothes items (schedule as of August 2006).

Pennies for Change
1826 Chapel Hill Road in Durham
Lakewood shopping area

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and of course, lakewood is the power thrift shopping area! it used to have more going on, but it does still have "the store you deserve", and duke surplus, in addition to "pennies for change".

Posted by: lisa | Apr 2, 2004 9:15:23 AM

Lisa and I went by their sale and scored big! I got a pair of shoes, a skirt and a "so ugly it's beautiful" retro shirt.

Posted by: Sarah | Apr 3, 2004 4:06:23 PM

Great photos! I started volunteering at Pennies for Change last September. Initially I planned to be there three hours a week. It is so much fun I am now there two or three *days* a week! I find time to shop too - usually for clothes! Today I bought a giant mailbox at the monthly yard sale.

Posted by: Martha | Apr 3, 2004 7:02:42 PM

Reason No. 5: The inventory changes EVERY DAY as the manager and her faithful band of volunteers restock the shelves with the latest donations. Bring yourself, your stuff and your friends -- if you haven't been in, you're missing out!

Posted by: Charlene | Apr 5, 2004 12:06:53 PM