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Dec 24, 2003

What Would Harris Teeter Do?


Durham Food Co-op
photo source: Citysearch.com

It's not every day that you see people begging for food. Inside your grocery store. But it's not every day that you shop at the Durham Food Co-op, now is it?

On a visit to the Co-op, you're guaranteed at least one conversation with a fellow customer or the staff. This Sunday, I got a bonus three-way with the Co-op Guy at the register and a fellow customer aka the Bookstore Lady (because I always see her at her store). We were talking about Rite of Spring (blasting in all its modernity from the Co-op CD player), and the Co-op guy was explaining that this particular recording was the absolute best.

Around this time, Bookstore Lady approached the Panhandler Guy who had returned to the store after a quick trip outside to talk with a departing customer (who I'll call Church Dude, because he was wearing a necktie on Sunday at noon):

Bookstore Lady: What do you want?

Panhandler Guy: Huh?

Bookstore Lady: I saw you were talking to that guy outside [aka Church Dude]. Do you want something?

Panhandler Guy: I'd be wanting some hot coffee.

Bookstore Lady: Well they don't have that here. How about some food?

They settled on a brick of cheese, which the Bookstore Lady added to her pile on the counter. The Co-op Guy decided it was time to address the Panhandler Guy, directly.

Co-op Guy: You're doin' good today, Bill. Seems like one out of every three people's buying you something to eat.

Panhandler Guy: It's that time of year. You know, people pullin' together.

Bookstore Lady: Yep.

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