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Dec 12, 2003

"Opinions are a lot like a**holes..." | editorial

"Everybody's got one, but I don't necessarily want to see yours." My first office-mate, J. David Winkler told me that back in 1989, and I seem to recall that he was speaking in general terms rather than addressing me directly, but who knows? At any rate, Winkler also said during the 1992 presidential election, "Who do you vote for: the dummy you can trust, or the smart guy you can't?"

This "Editorial" section is reserved for when I want to express an opinion backed up by facts or at least strong emotion. [What, you were thinking it was going to be opinions backed up by the lower GI tract?]

There are none today (thank you for asking) but if you'd like some fast-flying debate, swing by Orange Politics, which was featured today (along with its creator, Ruby Sinreich, Zephyr Teachout of Howard Dean's Blog for America, and some other dude on WUNC Radio's "The State of Things". [And damn, but that's a lot of linking in one sentence. No wonder people "blog" has the same number of letters as "work".]

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