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Dec 28, 2003

Green Beans with Ease


Photo credit: Better Homes and Gardens via MSN

This evening I had dinner with my friend Richard, his dog Anna Banana, and our friends Ron, Spencer, and Bill.  We made fun of many things but never the food.  As my Mom used to say, "complaints to the cook may be hazardous to your health."

Richard served chicken provencal with brown rice, and I added some green beans.  Everyone seemed pretty happy, especially after Richard started pouring the German whites.

Here's the easy recipe for green beans, as done by me:

Ingredients to serve 4:

2 small yellow onions; 6 large cloves garlic; 3 small chili peppers; ~4 cups green beans (4 cups after snapping the ends); sesame oil; fish sauce.

Cooking Directions (I know you don't need these, but I'm feeling the need to be complete):

Slice the onions, garlic, and chili peppers, not too coarsely.  I like slicing the garlic lengthwise into slivers.

Heat a couple of tablespoons of sesame oil in a skillet on medium high.

Saute the onions to start.  Add the garlic after the onions have cooked a bit.  Then add the chili peppers when the garlic and onions have started to brown.

Reduce heat to medium or even medium low, then add the green beans and ~2 teaspoons of fish sauce.   

Cook for a while, stirring frequently.  When the beans are nearly done to your liking, taste a couple to see if they're rich and salty enough from the fish sauce.  If not, add more.  Much will depend on which brand you use, and how salty you like it.  Just remember not to add more than a teaspoon at a time (blending well to make sure it distributes throughout the beans) and you'll be in great shape.  I think I used ~5 teaspoons in this evening's dish.  For recommended brands and a great radio article on fish sauce, click over to The Splendid Table's fish sauce interview with food writer Bruce Cost.

Of course, you can readily modify this recipe to suit your tastes and needs.  Add shrimp or scallops to make it more substantial.  Add sesame seeds or cashews to make it more seedy or nutty.  But please, for my sake, serve it with rice nearby.

Bon appetit.

Chef Tappy Phil

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After watching too much tv over the past few days, I have to say I was expecting you to mention the can of crunchy onions. Whew.

Posted by: pinky | Dec 29, 2003 12:17:22 AM

Can of crunchy onions? You mean those Durkee kind that go onto green bean casserole?! Are they on television these days? My Dad used to love those things, but for Indonesian chicken soup, not casserole. "Not that there's anything wrong with that."

Posted by: Chef Tappy Phil | Dec 29, 2003 1:57:24 AM

ill pass the recipe on to my fabulous friend dawn... at fabulouscatering.com


Posted by: spk | Jan 5, 2004 11:25:07 PM